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Artist of the month
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Tricycle Cafe and Bar supports our local artists by displaying their work on our walls. All work is for sale so come and check it out, you might just find something to take home.

Previous exhibitors:

Wendy is inspired by the natural landscape, focusing on the shapes, textures, design, colour and patterns. She likes to produce images that reflect her reactions and feelings from subjects that appeal to her.

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Christine is a Tasmanian

artist, best known for her beautiful water colour paintings of local Tasmanian scenes.

As a keen bush walker, Christine immerses herself in Tasmanian's wilderness and the love she has for our natural surroundings is reflected in her work.

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Complex and multilayered pieces on

cradled boards express the emergence of

Gaye’s art into full abstraction. The past

year has seen a major transformation in

her work from realistic traditional oil and

watercolour landscapes and seascapes to

completely abstract images with multiple

layers of texture using oil and wax.

Experimenting and playing with various

approaches and media has led to her current focus on abstract. Gaye has a love of colour and texture and the magic of layering which is becoming more evident in her work. Her work has entered a new and exciting phase. As well as oil paint, cold wax, oil pastels, pigments, monotype printing and collage are being used to intuitively explore texture, shape, colour, form and gestural marks to create complex images..

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Previous exhibitors:
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